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Objective 1: To train future researchers, selected by the PHFI and partner institutions, in environmental and occupational health research, at a depth that will provide them with the expertise they need to conduct studies of air pollution and other environmental hazards on health outcomes. HSPH will provide Master of Public Health (Environmental Health) or Master in Environmental Health training for seven predoctoral students, and host 10 students for summer certificate courses and mentored research experience. The Masters students will be eligible for either the 1-year MPH program with a concentration in Environmental Health, or the 2-year Master of Science in Environmental Health.

Objective 2: To train future public health professionals in India, through the PHFI and partner institutions, in methods in environmental and occupational health research, via short-course, virtual classroom, and online instruction.

Trainees will be provided short- and medium-term predoctoral training opportunities, including combined short courses delivered in India with subsequent completion through a virtual classroom setting. Courses will leverage the disciplines of environmental epidemiology, environmental health, toxicology, and occupational health to train the next generation of public health scientists to ask and answer questions that are essential to understanding the relationship between environment and health in India.

Objective 3: To initiate a program of faculty visits in which one PHFI faculty member per year will spend 2–3 months at HSPH, with eligibility to take advanced coursework, but with the primary purpose of analyzing data from the U01 studies and building capacity for data analysis at PHFI and partner institutions.

Objective 4: To deliver career development and research development programs for environmental and occupational health scientists and health research professionals in India.

Objective 5: To develop and strengthen regional collaborations, including partnerships among governmental and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and health service groups.





National Institutions & Organizations


Short Courses  


Hub Members

  • Trainees were from foreign countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana, and Ethiopia

  • 3 masters students and one Doctor of Public Health candidate enrolled at HSPH

  • Areas of training: Mediation analysis, exposure modeling, exposure assessment, environmental

       epi, econometrics

  • Teaching at PHFI: Faculty teaching EH courses in the current full-time MPH programme (EH, NCDs, Health Systems)

  • Case studies: 2 case studies completed, and 2 under development for teaching

  • 2 graduate (PhD) trainees through other collaborations [Karolinska Institutet, Edinburgh University]

Trainees Institutions 

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