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Leveraged Projects 

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  1. Project Title: Climate, Health and Air pollution Research in India (CHAIR-India): Addressing Gaps in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals on a global level linking air pollution and climate change with health.


      PIs: Petter Ljungman, Poornima Prabhakaran & Joel Schwartz 


      Funding agency: FORMAS

   2. Project Title: Effectiveness of Indoor Air Purifiers on Heart Failure Outcomes (The PURI-HF Trial)


       PIs: Rajesh Vedanthan and Nitish Naik 


       Funding agency: National Institutes of Health and Indian Council of Medical Research

   3. Project Title: Nutritional, psychosocial, and environmental determinants of neurodevelopment and child

       mental health (COINCIDE): an integrated assessment approach using a developmental framework


       PIs: Giridhara Babu, Poornima Prabhakaran & Siddhartha Mandal 

       Funding agency: Wellcome Trust-India Alliance


    4. Project Title: Situational analysis of air pollution and health in India

        PI: Poornima Prabhakaran

        Funding agency: Environmental Defense Fund

    5. Project Title: Strengthening Capacity for Researc h, Communications and Advocacy in Air Pollution


        PI: Poornima Prabhakaran 


        Funding agency: Health Care Without Harm


    6. Project Title: Epidemiology Modelling for Ambient Air Pollution Investment Case Methods for India and 


        PIs: Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Poornima Prabhakaran & Siddhartha Mandal


        Funding agency: RTI


    7. Project Title: Public Health Initiative on LMIC Air Pollution (PHILAP)


        PIs: D Arvind & Gagandeep K Walia


        Funding agency: Medical Research Council


    8. Project Title: A situation analysis of open space gyms in Delhi and case study to document good



        PI: Shifalika Goenka


        Funding agency: WHO- SEARO


    9. Project Title: Health and Environment Leadership Platform (H.E.L.P)


        PI: Poornima Prabhakaran


        Funding agency: HealthCare Without Harm


  10. Project Title: Climate Risk and Resilience: Demonstrating the Power of Health Care to Decarbonize,

        Reduce Economic Loss, and Protect People and Communities


        PI: Poornima Prabhakaran


        Funding agency: IKEA

Trainee Projects 

  1. Project Title: Pilot project on personal monitoring of air pollution


       PI: Kishore Kumar

       Funding agency: NIH (GEOHealth)

   2. Project Title: Pregnancy related exposures and neurodevelopment in children

       PI: Monica Chaudhary

       Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology

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