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GEOHealth Health Effects of Selected Environmental Exposomes across the Life CourSe (HEALS) - US
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  • Train early career faculty and researchers and post-docs in designing a research study, writing a proposal and conducting research on topics related to the research aims.

  • Formal doctoral level training in environmental health leadership and policymaking.

Training Programs - Objectives

Objective 1.

Train postdoctoral (MD, PhD) scientists in a 24-month research and career training program on multidisciplinary environmental health

Objective 2.

Provide training and environmental health research opportunities for early-career faculty and researchers in appropriate public health or scientific fields

Objective 3.


Provide doctoral level training for future public health leaders and policy makers giving them practical skills to translate Science into Policy

Objective 4.

Guide trainees  and other  environmental and occupational health researchers in India in the acquisition of skills necessary for a successful research career, and the creation of a professional development plan

Capacity Building & Connections - Objectives

Objective 5.

To continue the program of short-term (up to 6-weeks) trainee and faculty visits to HSPH to learn a specific research technique or data analysis

Objective 6.

To train public health students and early career professionals in India through short courses offered at CCDC and partner institutions in key environmental health topics

Objective 7.


To assist the Indian Institute of Public Health and the Public Health Foundation of India in establishing Masters of Science Programs in Environmental Health

Objective 8.

To develop and strengthen regional collaborations, including partnerships among governmental and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and health service groups

GEOHealth Training Program Timeline
Training Program Timeline.png

(R) indicates courses taught remotely

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